Company Health Insurance:
Affordable Private Medical Insurance for Employees

“PMI is the second most valued staff benefit after a company pension” (Health Insurance Daily – 30 Oct 2017)

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) helps ensure your employees receive the best possible medical care; helping them through illness, recovery, and returning to work as soon as possible.

Benefits of PMI in the workplace

Put simply, valuing your workforce by supporting them to look after their health, in turn, reduces the costs of staff absence, improves employee engagement and productivity.

  • When using the NHS, waiting lists dictate when you get seen by a Health Professional, but with PMI you can choose when to have your operation or treatment – allowing you to plan around your work and personal life.

Why choose us?

Wellness Healthcare will work with you to find the plan that’s right for your business:

  • Search all leading providers to find you the best plan – we are independent and impartial
  • Find the right cover for your employees
  • Advise you on the best value available with the right plan
  • Work with you to implement the selected plan into your business

As specialists in PMI, we can advise you on what is right for your business – based on your detailed requirements and available funds:

After an initial discussion with you to understand your needs we conduct a full and impartial Market Review including all leading, as well as some smaller, insurers. We provide you with an overview of what’s available along with specialist guidance on what is right for you based on your requirements. We will help and guide you to find the balance between affordability and a plan that provides the right level of protection for your employees.

We explain the various differences between plans, and what you will get for your money. Many insurers offer additional incentives to help members look after their health and wellbeing, which in turn makes for healthier and more productive staff, plus they benefit from various incentives and discounts for additional associated lifestyle benefits.

To discuss PMI for your business or for a market review and a quote click here.