NHS Improvement head urges MPs not to ‘demonise’ private healthcare

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Baroness Harding has refused to give up her private medical cover

Baroness Dido Harding, who is set to become the new head of NHS Improvement, has told MPs that demonising private healthcare would be wrong, after refusing to give up her private health insurance.

The former TalkTalk chief executive dismissed calls from MPs to relinquish her use of private healthcare when she becomes chair of the NHS’ financial regulator.

According to the Independent, members of the Commons Health Select Committee plan to raise the issue with health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Asked if she thought it would send a positive message to give up her private healthcare, Baroness Harding said: “I really don’t, not least because a very large number of the trusts that NHS Improvement regulates do private business as well as NHS business. I don’t think we should be demonising one over the other.”

She argued that the health system needs more money and “we’d be cutting off our hand to spite our face if we demonise private healthcare.”

But Labour MP Ben Bradshaw, who sits on the Health Committee, told The Independent that people will want to feel confident the person in charge is fully committed to using the NHS.


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